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What to expect when ordering a custom beast. Please read carefully.

How It Works

1 – Once you have placed the order, I will contact you to discuss your preferred colour and style. If it is a special custom order with accessories or features beyond the usual, I will send an invoice to your email address.


2 – I will ask you to provide your preferred colour/s and style. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be for me to make a creature that is just right for you.


Examples of styles are: Geometric, Ethnic, Shabby Chic, Tweed / Tartan, Bling, Opulent, Geometric, Floral etc etc.


I typically use 3 fabrics on small beasts and 4 – 5 on larger beasts. This also depends on the sizes of the fabric pieces I have in stock.


References that will help include:

  • Photos of your interior and / or furniture you love to show me your style.
  • A screenshot of an animal that I have previously made in fabrics you like, send me a screenshot of it as it will help me understand the styles you like.
  • Pictures of fabrics / wallpaper etc that you like the styles and colour of.

The more information you sent me, the easier it will be for me to pick out exactly the right fabrics for you.


You can also ask me to use fabric left over from furnishings you already have in your home, so that it will match. I can even use fabrics from loved ones to create a “memory” piece.


3 – I will then pick out fabrics for you. I will send them to you in file attached to the email, with any suggestions or notes that may apply. It will look something like this:

4 – You will come back to me with your preferences. You are not restricted to fabrics within one collection. I will advise you if I feel any fabric combinations will not work well together.


PLEASE NOTE – if at this point you change your mind about your fabric colours and style, requiring me to pull fabrics again, a £5 surcharge may apply. This is because it can take as long as an hour to search through my collection to find just the perfect fabrics.


You may also cancel completely at this point, and 10% of the commission cost, or £20 of your refund (whichever is less) will be retained to cover time spent thus far.


5 – Once we have agreed on fabrics, I will send you a plan to approve before I cut the fabric. It will look something like the example below. Once I have the OK, I can commence production.

PLEASE NOTE – Once the fabric is cut, you may still cancel, but 15% or £40 of the comission price (whichever is less) will be retained from your refund to cover time spent preparing the fabric, cutting out the patterns, and fabric use.


6 – During the production stage, I can send progress photos for your approval, if you wish:


The first will show the fabrics pinned roughly to the form as per plan, so you can see the layout and how the fabrics will work together.


The second will show the beast without eyes, without a plaque, but otherwise assembled.


7 – I will send a final photo before shipping.

Lead Times

Lead times vary depending on other commissions and markets that I attend. Please allow around 3 months.

If you have a deadline, please contact me to see if I am able to accomodate it. I will always do my best to help.


Refunds and Cancellations

I ask for commissions to be paid up to 50% in advance, then 50% before delivery. If you are ordering via the website, it will charge 100% If you would prefer to pay just the deposit, please email me for a written invoice to be paid by BACS.


You may cancel at any time, however, the refund you will get varies depending on what work I have completed so far. Please carefully read the following:


100% refund if you cancel before I have pulled fabrics for you.


10% of the total commission price, or £20 refund (whichever is less) will be NOT be refunded if you cancel after I have sent photos of fabrics suggestions.


 15% of the total commission price, or £40 (whichever is less) of the price paid will NOT be refunded if you cancel after I have cut the fabrics.


Once I have started assembly, cancellation will be decided on a case by case basis. I will charge you for hours spend and fabric and materials, and will show a breakdown of costs thus far before refunding the balance. The minimum I will charge you is listed above. 


If you have purchased online via credit card, the card processing fee is not refunded.

What if my beast is not as expected when it is finished, or when it arrives?

Should this happen – and the above steps have been designed to prevent this from happening, please discuss with me. I will do what I can resolve any problems.


Should you find any faults with your commission, please take photos, get in touch, and return it to me at your cost. If I find that it was my fault, I will carry out repairs, return it to you, and reimburse return shipping.


I will not give refunds for a finished commission if you decide on delivery that you do not like it. In some cases I may accept returns and give a refund if I feel I can re-sell it, but this will depend on the colours and styles you have chosen.


Please note, whilst I try to accommodate and work with any styles and colours, I will advise you if I do not feel a colour or fabric combination will work. Please do not be offended if I do this. I just want your creation to be as fabulous as possible. If you choose not to follow my advice, I cannot accept a refund if you do not like the outcome.