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Custom Fox Faux Taxidermy


Fox Character and Accessory Add Ons
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Fox Faux Taxidermy – Custom


If you are looking for a particular colour,  or style, I can customise a creature to any colour or style you like. Once we have discussed your preferred colour and style, I will select a collection of suitable fabrics and send you a photo to approve before going into production.


All my beasts are unique – I never make two the same.


More about my fox faux taxidermy critters.

They have resin or glass eyes, and the ears are sewn together. They come with a backboard with a keyhole type hanger set into the back. All you need is a hook, screw, or nail that is suitable for your wall to hang it on.


They are made from high quality upholstery fabric scraps and swatch books. I use a variety of trims when needed to support any fragile edges. For some styles, I will fray the edges on purpose.


Dimensions are approximately 240mm H x 160mm W x 240mm D (not including hats / extra accessories) including the plaque.


IMPORTANT – Please read this page before ordering a custom fox faux taxidermy beast. 


Customising your Fox Faux Taxidermy Piece:

I love adding little details that bring personality to my fox faux taxidermy characters. And since they are fantasy creatures, we can do what we like – different coloured eyes, or eyes from another animal. As you can see from the pictures, I have been having fun with creating gentleman foxes and pirate foxes – what is next?


You can choose any style that fits with your aesthetic. For example, floral, steampunk, bling, ethnic, rustic etc., and any colour combination. The more information you give me, the more I will be able to customise it perfectly to your requirements.


I can also use fabrics left over from your home renovation so that they match your décor perfectly.


Or perhaps you have a scrap of fabric that is sentimental that you don’t want to keep in a box unseen? This is the perfect way to display that.



The price shown is a base price. Any extra additions such a custom features for character foxes or mouldings will add extra to the final cost. You will be made aware of this before production begins.


All the fabrics I use are unused, but have been recycled so the cost is minimal. Not only does this mean that these fabrics do not end up in landfill, it also makes these creatures more affordable to make using  a range of very high quality fabrics.


Please note – these are not a toy.


You can find out more about me here.

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