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Custom Mini Horse Head Wall Art


Horse Addons
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Custom Mini Horse Head Wall Art


I can make my mini horse head wall pieces in any colour or style that you like. I can even make them to resemble a loved horse or pony of your own.


I use a polyurethane foam form and build off  that. The ears are sewn, The eyes are glass. I make the mane and forelock  by unravelling fabrics to make a fringe, or by using yarn.


All my beasts are unique – I never make two the same.


Dimensions are 230mm H x 120mm W x 170mm D


Customising your Mini Custom Horse Head Wall Art

I love adding little details that bring personality to these textile taxidermy creatures. And since they are fantasy creatures, we can do what we like – different coloured eyes, or eyes from another animal. I can even add decorative mouldings or can plait the mane if you like – I had a lot of practice when i was much younger – I was rather good at mane and tail plaiting!


You can choose any style that fits with your aesthetic. For example, floral, steampunk, bling, ethnic, rustic etc, and any colour combination.


I can also use fabrics left over from your home renovation so that they match your décor perfectly. Or perhaps you have a scrap of fabric that is sentimental that you don’t want to keep in a box unseen? This is the perfect way to display that.



The price shown is a base price. Any extra additions such a custom features or mouldings may add extra to the final cost. You will be made aware of this before production begins.


All the fabrics I use are unused, but have been recycled so the cost is minimal. Not only does this mean that these fabrics do not end up in landfill, I also makes these creatures more affordable to make in a range of very high quality fabrics.


More about my Mini Custom Horse Head Wall Art Sculptures:

Horses have glass eyes, and the ears are sewn together.  The mane is made from either yarn or from deconstructed fabric to make fringing.


All my beasts are mounted on a plaque with a keyhole type hanger set into the back. All you need is a hook, screw, or nail that is suitable for your wall to hang it on.


They are made from high quality upholstery fabric scraps and swatch books. I use a variety of trims when needed to support any fragile edges. For some styles, I will fray the edges on purpose.


All are finished with a 3M protective spray.


IMPORTANT – Please read this page before ordering a custom mini horse wall trophy – it explains my policies and terms for custom work.


Please note – these are not a toy.


You can find out more about me here.

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