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Owain – Leather Deer


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Owain – Leather Deer


Owain is a beautiful one of a kind leather deer, made with genuine leather. He has a stenciled chest with a damask-style floral motif. His eyes are resin, and he has lots of upholstery hardware trim. His antlers are resin, and are removeable. He is a roe deer size.


Dimensions are Approximately 620mm H x 250mm W x 400mm D.


Deer are shipped with the antlers removed. This is so they do not get broken in transit and to reduce the package size (and therefore shipping cost). They are very easy to install, and you can see how to here.


More about my Faux Taxidermy Creations

All my animals are mounted on a wooden plaque with a keyhole type hanger set into the back. All you need is a hook, screw, or nail that is suitable for your wall, to hang it on.


They are made from high quality upholstery fabric scraps and swatch books, and most of my fabrics have been saved from waste. I use a variety of trims and hardware when needed, to support any fragile edges. For some styles, I will fray the edges on purpose.


I use a polyurethane foam form and build off  that. The ears are sewn, The eyes are glass or resin. I make the mane and forelock  by unravelling fabrics to make a fringe, or by using yarn. They are finished with scotchguard.


All my beasts are unique – I never make two the same.


Please note – these are not a toy.


You can find out more about me here.

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