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hand crafted creatures

Please enjoy my gallery of hand crafted creatures.


This is a portfolio of the faux taxidermy beasts I have made in the past. If you are looking at an animal in the  gallery, it is very likely it has already been adopted.


Though I do not repeat designs, I can make something similar if you are inspired by any of these and wish for me to create a similar one for you, please contact me.


If you are using one of these as inspiration for a custom order, right click to copy any images into a message to me, so I know which critter you are referencing.


To find out more about my characterful beasts, please visit this page, or just head straight over to the shop to see who is looking for their new home.


I am always creating new characters, and you can keep track of new creations on instagram or facebook.


Foxes and Badgers

Red Deer, Roe Deer, Mini Deer and Mini Horse

Lion, Tiger, Bear, Rhino, Giraffe and Antelope

Myth & Folklore
Unicorn, Peryton, Jackalope, Wolpertinger