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Captain Buckets – Pirate Fox Character


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Captain Buckets – Pirate Fox Character

Captain Buckets is a pirate fox character, made with beautiful striped velvet fabric. He has a patch that can be moved to either side (yup – he has two resin eyes)

His tricorn hat is made from EVA foam, and he has ruffles on his chest to emulate a pirate’s ruffled shirt. His whiskers are black, and made from monofilament.


About my Faux Fox Taxidermy Wall Decor:

All my faux taxidermy beasts are made as ethically as possible. I use high quality, unused upholstery and furnishing fabrics that have been prevented from going to waste. The fabric is applied to a hard foam form.

The ears are sewn and have wire in them so they are somewhat poseable.

Foxes have either resin or glass eyes. They may or may not have whiskers, which are made from monofilament.

Dimensions are approximately 270mm H x 160mm W x 240mm D

Please note – these are not a toy.

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